Here’s a charming “trail conditions” post from a cross country skier advocating picking fights to defend “his” trails. According to him it’s a “war and we must win it.”



People like this are why I carry pepper spray.

Let’s all get on the same page here. No matter what, you don’t have the right to “confront” other trail users.  The best you can do is get all pissed off inwardly and, if you must throw a hissy fit, throw the hissy fit to the police when you report the egregious offense of a person enjoying the outdoors on public trails. If you confront, follow, or otherwise harass other people you’re simply asking for a response that you might not enjoy.


*Edit: Although the comments below are mainly debating the merits of ski-only trails, the main point of this post was to state that it’s not OK to pick fights with and harass other trail users, no matter what. Ski/ride/walk/run/move on by and leave other people in peace unless there is something highly illegal and/or violent going on. A bitchface is your only recourse. Unless someone is being assaulted or harassed, move on and simply report your sightings to the proper authorities. If someone IS being assaulted or harassed, do your societal duty and jump in to defend them.

Edit #2: To the guy who wrote the post above: I’ll post the three aggressive diatribes you attempted to submit to this site with the condition that they are posted under your real name. I know what your real name is, but I won’t post it without your permission, because I know how to act appropriately, something you may consider learning.