OK, so go read this:

Male only marathon? Boycott please.


Now read the email I just sent to the organizers (and copied to the sponsors/partners of the event):


I’m writing to you to express how disappointing and wrong it is for you and your sponsors/partners to support gender exclusion by holding a men-only event in Iran. By holding this event and sanctioning the “authorities'” unwillingness to consider women as equal human beings, you are reinforcing that this type of behavior, sexism, and exclusion is acceptable. It is not. While some men would love to continue advocating for oppressing and subjugating women the world over, this behavior is wrong and is a violation of basic human rights.

Please be aware of the negative backlash that you, your sponsors, your partners, and your participants are likely to experience from promoting this type of sexist event.


Jill Missal, Head Geargal

Now go write your own, to info@iruniran.com

Also feel free to disown/stop being friends with/stop screwing any dude who participates in this event.