I usually (used to?) do reviews as one-offs, discussing each piece of gear separately. Because this is my web site and I can do whatever I want, I’m not going to do that this time. I just got a new care package from Zoic with a few pieces for summer mountain biking and basically I just wanted to give this company my wholehearted endorsement.

For a while now I’ve wistfully written about how it would be nice to look like a normal person when riding a bike. I own Spandex like all the rest of us (though I have drawn the line at billboard logo-ed out bike jerseys, nope, that’s too much) and I see the need for it; it helps things not chafe and provides a handy platform to hold the ever-important diaper pad chamois.

But it’s ugly. It looks horrible. I realize a lot of readers might take offense but only a very small number of people look good in a cycling outfit. They are usually women and they are usually pretty awesome and do indeed look fantastic because their sheer radness overcomes the silliness of a skin tight outfit with a big bulgy pad attached to the ass and giant brightly colored brand logos everywhere. I am thinking of Janna and how good she looks in her skinsuit as I write this. But mostly, people who wear cycling outfits look silly and affected, especially on mountain bikes and even more especially on fat bikes. Dear lord, please don’t let fat biking become a Spandex sport (too late). I’ve been searching for bike clothing that looks like normal clothing for a good while now.

This is the second shipment I’ve gotten from Zoic. I got some great winter stuff last year and now that I’m getting a look at their summer stuff I’m sold. From Zoic you can get a bike jersey that looks like a normal shirt, shorts that look like normal shorts, and flattering, comfortable, non skin tight clothing that still performs well while you ride your bicycle. All the shorts come with a liner with a decent cycling pad, and since they’re all priced well under a hundred bucks I think that’s a pretty good deal. You can also be assured that no douchey sexist advertising comes from this company. Prices are reasonable, fit is good, and quality is as expected. Nicely done, Zoic, you are my hall of famer right now.